School Rolls

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The Old School

A series of photos and comments, orchestrated no doubt by the then headmistress, aimed at placing pressure on the Education Authorities to sanction funding for the new High School: an early, use of photography for political / propaganda purposes. The photos also tell an interesting story of the hidden curriculum being imparted by the School. By the presence of Kitchener, a guess at their date might be the early years of WWI.

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The New School

Some twenty odd stunning photos of the new School, taken, presumably, about 1926/7. The scans, which have had to crop the originals, do not do them justice; their framing, sense of space and light and even grandeur are curtailed. But they are still an architectural eye opener.

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The Tennis Team 1944

A photo of the Burton upon Trent Girls' High School Tennis Team of 1944.

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The Upper Sixth

Photos of the Upper Sixth

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